Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oy. What a Day.

Some friends from San Francisco were planning on coming down to San Jose. So, an event was made in which we San Jose/Santa Clara/Mountain View/Fremont folks would gather and greet them. We were scheduled to meet at 3:00pm.

An hour passed. We called. They were "just" leaving.

Another hour passed. We called. They were at a friends house. Apparently, they were still in SF.

Another hour passed. We called. They didn't pick up.

Extremely annoyed, we decided to leave and grab some grub with out them. Being the girl who eats out and tries a lot of restaurants, I wanted to show them some great restaurants. So, we drove to Santana Row and had a late lunch at The Counter.

After The Counter, we went back to my house and started the bonfire. The marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers were brought out and a S'mores feast began. It was not long after that the cans of beer started opening and the tables started unfolding. Beer Pong it was. The night went on: Beer Pong, S'mores, bets with lap dances and make outs, Chandelier, Flip Cup, Aloe Vera & Captain Morgan, "Lemme Smang It" video, and the like. It was honestly a great night.

But the one thing that truly made it an amazing night, were the flowers. After coming home from The Counter, I came across a vase of gorgeous flowers, specifically Orange Daisies (my favorite). Upon reading the attached note, it was addressed to myself. I opened the note and it read: "I am here in spirit :)". Honestly, from then on out, I could not stop smiling. To tell you the truth, I'm cracking a smile as I'm typing on these words. Just thinking about it makes me happy, which in turn, makes me smile.

I got flowers! No, I got my favorite flowers! Let is take a trip back into my past and re-encounter all the times I received flowers.
*First time: Maithy Vu (about a month ago)-a single pink daisy

Oh! I guess that's it! I must admit, I'm flattered. You may say I'm making a big deal out of it, especially since they're just flowers, right? Wrong. Honey, if you know about me and my past relationships, you'd understand that they aren't JUST flowers. It's the vase of flowers, it's the type of flower, it's the message, it's the thought, it's the person, it's the timing, it's the situation, it's everything.

So, to sum it all up, today started off horribly but warmed up pretty quickly. The night was fun, exciting, and smokey. But the only thing that truly stands out and is worth remembering is this:

 And she's still smiling...

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